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Think Tea. Drink Tea.  Read Books.

Words are our expressed thoughts. Whether collecting thoughts in a personal journal or reading words from others, books make us think, laugh and reflect long after the last word. Currently available books published by Tea Philosophy include:


Drink Tea Devotionals: Inspired Words to Fill Empty Spaces, Volume I

Life is a work of art more delicate than the finest tea cup. Like pouring tea into it, living is a continuous process and the demands we each face can drain us quickly. Is your cup in need of a refill?

Take some time to sit still and refuel.

Drink Tea. Live.

Poems for Life's Puzzle (Poetry)

For those who know their Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and prefer Introversion, private thoughts becoming public may be viewed as a living nightmare. Thankfully, tea and words are calming agents. Use both to put your life's pieces together.


Navigate through emotions we all encounter as one young lady transitions from adolescence into adulthood. Buy it for yourself or give it to inspire someone towards pursuing his or her dreams.

Greet every day with thoughtful words and a plan to make dreams become reality. This journal is an ideal gift choice for the tea enthusiast or anyone who likes to write.

Since thoughts tend to spill over like tea pouring from a spout, this book provides a way to jump start the thought process, to capture ideas, and to celebrate goals completed.