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Think Tea. Drink Tea.™  Meet the President.
Fueled by a passion for everything tea, Verna L. Hamilton founded Tea Philosophy to promote tea as a lifestyle, rather than as a beverage solely.
Verna L. Hamilton is a prolific writer, a clear communicator, an engaging speaker, and an unapologetic tea aficionado. She combines grace and wit while educating others about tea history, its customs and the cultures tea represents. Ms. Hamilton is an international tea ambassador whose poetry and blog Straight From The Leaf encourages, educates and inspires.

Prior to Tea Philosophy, Ms. Hamilton spent more than a decade with Ford Motor Company in various management roles as well as also working within non-profit, retail, government and academic arenas. In 1999, Verna L. Hamilton completed the Wellness Skills (Dallas, TX) registered massage therapist training and still actively promotes balance for the whole individual: body, mind and spirit.
Ms. Hamilton is an alumna of Florida A&M University (FAMU)'s School of Business & Industry and earned her Master of Marketing Research from The University of Georgia’s Coca-Cola Center for Marketing Studies. She lives in New York.

Follow Ms. Hamilton on Twitter @VLHamilton and Tea Philosophy @TeaPhilosophy.

 Share Passion. Receive Praise.
Verna Hamilton is not only an excellent communicator and mentor, but she richly inspires those whom she works with. Her intelligent and calm demeanor is engaging and non threatening."

"Verna understands solid planning, integrity with employees and clientele, and she finishes what she starts. A rare find! "
“Verna Hamilton is a consummate professional and capable consultant. Her communication skills, both verbal and written, are perhaps the best I’ve seen in over twenty years experience in the field of education."
"Ms. Hamilton is a class act.”