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Think Tea. Drink Tea.™ That's Tea Philosophy.
In the beginning was the leaf, and the leaf was loose and without water. And Verna L. Hamilton saw this and said, "it is not good that the leaf should be alone. Let there be tea." And it was so and tea is good.
Tea Philosophy is the civilized solution for living within an often chaotic world. It is the forum where harried people gather to pause, relax, and share conversation over tea. Via Tea Philosophy, we all learn how to breathe again. And this is good.

Let there be tea.

Tea Philosophy offers:
Signature premium loose leaf tea and tisanes

Tea-related accessories


Tastings and Special Events

Think Tea.

At Tea Philosophy, we believe tea is more than leaves and hot water. Read Straight From The Leaf to learn more about tea's history and how different cultures around the world blend tea into their lives.

Drink Tea.

From one tea plant (L. Camellia Sinensis) comes various forms: white, green, yellow, oolong, black and pu'erh. Visit our current selection of loose leaf specialty tea and tisanes to create your own tea-inspired pause.


Tea helps create an atmosphere, whether for contemplative solitude or for great conversations. Be a participant, discover new venues, and create your own tea experience. Click here for upcoming tea events.

Bringing people together around tea is what we do. Join us in-person at the next event or online via Facebook and Twitter (@TeaPhilosophy).
Tea Philosophy
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